Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In the Homestretch

Today I'm finishing off Flame #3 -- the weaving is done, and while the patterning is more subtle than I had anticipated, the subtle sparkle of the metallic red component is entirely pleasing.  It'll look lots more sparkly after it's washed and firmly ironed.

The picture above shows how I finish off all  my scarves and shawls -- the beginning end is started with a band of Italian hemstitching; the finishing end gets the same but with the addition of beads worked in with the stitching.  This procedure anchors and firmly holds the warp threads so nothing pulls out or gets wonky; the beads provide a little surprise when the light hits them just right.  The whole treatment has become my signature on many of my woven pieces.  It's time-consuming and fiddly, but effective.


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