Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Show's Over

This has been the most stunningly colorful Autumn we've had in many years, due to the relative dryness of October and early November, coupled with mild days and cool nights.  For example:

That's the kind of color that makes me glad to be alive.  I've always been unable to comprehend why people don't  like Autumn.  They say it's because it's the harbinger of Winter -- even my sister says that.  Hanh??!!??  Of course Autumn comes before Winter, and prepares the way.  But how could one let that "concern" over-ride awareness and appreciation of this:

Or this:

Glorious.  And our garden has been full of this kind of thing for weeks.  The big windstorm a few nights ago flung lots of the color onto the ground, but these Japanese Maples don't all follow the same schedule, so many are still heart-lifters.  And in the sometimes grey light of an overcast day, the glow of golds and blaze of burgundy and scarlet are reason enough to love this quirky season.

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